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Las flores de Greta

Why We Love It | The Atlantic forests are full of secrets like trees, leaves and flowers, authentic beauty in a natural state and also their smells penetrate on your memory if you are lucky to visit them.

Las flores de Greta has managed to transfer the natural pigments of the leaves and flowers to fabrics of organic origin through an artisan process.

Each piece is unique since each season, geographical location, humidity among other factors will make each piece different.

Three women are the ones behind this business, Nuria, Uxía and Antía.

Three very creative artists who are passionate about nature and craftsmanship.
They tell us more about their beautiful brand.

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All pictures are from Las Flores de Greta

Neboa Atlantic Culture

How it started?

Our story begins at the end of 2017, when we were fortunate that our paths crossed at a similar vital moment for the three of us who, along with the restlessness common concern for a change of life, led us to form this work team.

Las flores de Greta was born with the idea of making an eternal memory of something ephemeral, such as the flowers of a bridal bouquet, through a botanical printing technique called Ecoprint on fabrics of natural origin and of great quality such as silk.

We transfer the pigments of leaves and flowers to fabrics of organic origin, thus capturing the colors and shapes that nature gives us.

Neboa Atlantic Culture

“One of the questions that is always repeated is: and who is Greta? Greta is not one of us, although she has a little bit of each one …”


Who are Greta?

Las flores de Greta is a team of 3: Nuria, with training in jewelery and gemology and crafts; Uxía, with training in graphic design and I, Antía, with training in technical industrial engineering. All three with artistic vocation and passion for crafts since childhood.

Our conjunction complements the project thanks to the diversity of our training.

One of the questions that is always repeated is: and who is Greta? Greta is not one of us, although she has a little bit of each one …

What makes you unique?

We offer a very special product, we make unique pieces using the Ecoprint technique.

We work one by one our pieces placing leaves and flowers on the fabrics forming exclusive designs.

Pieces loaded with emotional content, the result of a philosophy based on respect for nature and the development of this technique from which we never stop learning.

Neboa Atlantic Culture
Neboa Atlantic Culture

and finally, how will we remember you?

Las flores de Greta is a brand of products made using the artisanal ecoprint technique, exclusively since all our prints are different and promoting responsible and sustainable consumption with our process and our philosophy.

Neboa Atlantic Culture

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