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Why We Love It | Enjoying a sunset from a schooner, while listening to music and tasting some smalls scallops are some of the many experiences that you can enjoy in Galicia at the hands of Bluscus.

You can also learn about trades related to the sea from the hand of the workers themselves, talking to them.

You connect with nature, live the marine culture of the area, meet new people and enjoy the trip to Galicia in a different way.

The Atlantic Culture is shared and felt in each of these experiences.

Pablo Mariño is the entrepreneur behind this business. Connected to the sea from a very young age, he tells us how the idea was born.

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Neboa Atlantic Culture
Neboa Atlantic Culture

Since you were little you have lived very connected to the sea, how did it all start?

Sea life is very hard.

I have lived the sea from a very young age.

My grandparents told me stories of the sea and their experiences of when they worked in one of the harshest seas, the North Sea.

These stories I will always carry with me.

I was born in Vigo but I consider myself from Ribeira (a small fishing village in Galicia) where my whole family is from.

Years after training and getting away from the maritime world a bit, I studied Business Administration, but years later, together with other entrepreneurs, we saw the possibility of creating a company closely related to the sea, which would be Bluscus.

Bluscus took its first steps in the summer of 2014.

At that time we were already aware of the quality of Galician products and of some particularities that the Galician coast offers, but we realized that they were not so well known abroad.

Neboa Atlantic Culture

We are dedicated to showing the sea, it is the first step for people to protect the sea, knowing it.


What makes you unique?

We want to bring the marine culture closer to visitors through professionals from the sea.

Experiences that can be lived in the first person and actively.

We also bet on sustainability and inclusion.

Bluscus works throughout the Galician coastline and one of our work centers is Cambados.

Sometimes our office becomes the sea.

What is your contribution to the Atlantic culture?

We are dedicated to showing the sea, it is the first step for people to protect the sea, knowing it.

Teaching the different fishing arts and transmitting all the values that are in the sea.

Neboa Atlantic Culture

Sharing Atlantic Culture

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