Frouma Atlantic wood

Why We Love It | From Ribeira (A Coruña), Fran designs and builds pieces of furniture with a very Atlantic raw material.

A material as simple as the wood of the Bateas (Galician mussel farms) turns it into totally personalized furniture and with an authentic Atlantic spirit.

The process is completely handmade and sustainable, Frouma only uses natural products.

Designs that come directly from the Atlantic.

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All pictures are from Frouma Atlantic Wood

How was Frouma born?

Since my childhood I have been surrounded by wood in my father’s carpentry.

Summers as a student helping him, making my first pieces and… almost without realizing it, I reopened the carpentry shop in 2008 until 2014.

Later, for years, I traveled to multiple countries and cities around the world working for the most important cabinetmaking and furniture companies from contract industry.

It helped me to know the techniques, designs and trends at the vanguard of the world.

But the most important thing is that in this period, Frouma began to be born in my head.

I wanted put together design, sustainability and the integration of the latest technological developments in a single brand.

Transmit the value of what is authentic, of a job well done, conscientiously.

Revalue artisan work, show the importance of time in the face of the immediacy of current consumption.

And what the best way to demonstrate the importance of time was recovering the Batea wood after some 25 years immersed in the Atlantic Ocean.

We have a responsibility to change towards a fair, ethical and sustainable business model.

Who are you?

My first memories are already linked to wood, playing among shavings and sawdust in my father’s carpentry shop.

The deep knowledge of this profession and the knowledge acquired over years working all over the world, has brought us back to our land, Galicia and the sea.

Shapes, textures, memories.

Each piece is impregnated with the Atlantic essence and full of Galician history.

Each piece is impregnated with the Atlantic essence and full of Galician history.


What makes you unique?

We design and manufacture furniture with a unique design and full of Atlantic history from raft wood.

We believe in a sustainable, ethical and fair model.

We innovate by integrating technology, connectivity and functionality in each piece.

Frouma generates a positive impact on the environment, since to produce our furniture we do not need to cut down any trees, at the same time we plant an indigenous tree for each sale of our pieces, in this way we give back to the earth what is its own.

How do you define Frouma in a few words?

Froma is honest, authentic and committed.

Each piece is unique, unrepeatable and full of history.

How is the Atlantic culture reflected in your work?

The essence of Frouma is Galicia, its history and character.

Each grain of the Frouma pieces are impregnated with saltpeter and an Atlantic character.

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