Why We Love It | Create objects that blend contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship.

You can feel authentic Atlantic Style in their design because of use raw materials, simple design and above all Oitenta connect with the Atlantic Culture values.

Oitenta is an independent product design and making studio located in A Coruña, Spain.

Each design is special one.

Behind Oitenta is Rafael Fernández, a Galician, designer and maker who is going to tell us more about his brand.

Where to find | www.oitenta.com

All pictures are from Oitenta

Eira bench and Eira chair (Eira furniture collection) beautiful and functional design mixed with an excelent craftsmanship by Oitenta & @jorgecarrildesign

How was Oitenta born?

Oitenta started in 2010, but in a very different way than it is now.

It started as a project between friends, we wanted to set up a design publishing company, but due to many factors we were not able to carry out the project.

During the following years, I worked as a freelancer especially developing websites, working for agencies and in some very cool entrepreneurship projects in which I learned a lot, I spent some years in Coworkings meeting people and making friends and carrying out collaborations that still last today.

In 2016 I decided that I had to try to get my products out again and I opted for the artisan production route and started posting my products on Etsy, working from home and using my kitchen as a workshop.

Who are you?

My name is Rafa, I’m from. A Coruña and I was born in 1980, just like the friends with whom I founded Oitenta, hence the name.

I studied design at the Elisava school in Barcelona between 2002 and 2006.

In my childhood I wanted to be many things, especially an inventor and later a cartoonist, until I discovered the profession of product design.

I was never good at working for others and not being able to create with total freedom, so I have gradually evolved until I found a way to get away with it.

Today my brand is totally single owner, I collaborate with friends who give me many things, but Oitenta’s day-to-day life is a personal job.

That gives me the freedom that I value so much but in return, it requires a lot of dedication and being a one-man band.

I really like the simple, natural and austere design, essential.


What makes you unique?

I am not worried that it is unique but it is personal, I do not pay much attention to being unique, my determination is to create objects that reflect my way of understanding design and I hope that people will identify with that.

How do you define Oitenta in a few words?

I see Oitenta as a design studio and traditional craftsmanship of objects for the contemporary lifestyle, objects that combine design and values.

How is the Atlantic culture reflected in your work?

I believe that the Atlantic people are simple, calm, austere people and deeply rooted in our land, the sea and nature, and these values inevitably influence my understanding of my profession.

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