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Why We Love It | Miolos Design is an online store of products for creativity and craft design in Galicia with natural raw materials.

They are products that accompany you in time and character over the years.

The Atlantic culture is felt in its materials and in its simple design.

Behind Miolos is Javier Prieto, a Galician, industrial designer and craftsman who is going to tell us more about his brand.

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Neboa Atlantic Culture
Neboa Atlantic Culture

How was Miolos born?

Miolos Design was born in 2014 as a solution to the thousands of ideas that I had in mind and needed to carry out.

Thanks to a hard work of learning, in 2015 we were recognized by the Artesanía de Galicia foundation as an artisan workshop.

From then, we expanded our products, which we present annually at international fairs.

Thanks to these fairs, we are able to sell in multi-brand stores around the world.

Neboa Atlantic Culture

My natural curiosity led me little by little to the world of crafts, in which in a self-taught way I have been learning everything I know.


What makes you unique?

We work hard on the design of our products, always trying to provide that touch of originality and functionality that defines us.

In addition, the fact of making them by hand and with natural materials, makes all our products unique.

How do you define Miolos in a few words?

Functional, minimalist designs with 100% natural materials.

Neboa Atlantic Culture
Neboa Atlantic Culture

How is the Atlantic culture reflected in your work?

The Atlantic culture is part of my roots.

I was born and raised in the Atlantic so it is inevitable that my designs are imbued with its essence.

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