Why We Love It | From Getxo, Asis and Nerea make beautiful designs inspired by the Atlantic Ocean.

A simple table of the tides have turned it into a beautiful and functional design object

They love to take care of every detail in their designs and they handcraft each one with an authentic Atlantic Style.

Genuine designs that emanate nature, sustainability, sea and beauty.

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All pictures are from mareas

How was mareas born?

We have always liked to do work with our hands, from some of the furniture for the house, to surfboards.

With this premise, a few years ago we made a tide calendar (to decorate our house), which included the days of the month and the week and the different tides of the day.

After a while we thought: “that design and finish could have a place in the homes of sea lovers”.

We got to work and in a short time, we made an Excel system to dump the data and transform it into our design.

From then, we have been thinking about products with careful design and with the common denominator of life around the sea.

And little by little we create a brand concept.

Who are you?

We are a couple from Getxo, an engineer and a graphic designer.

Between the two of us we do everything you can find in mareas.

From the design and creation of the products, to the development and management of the web, the networks and all the content that appears on them.

So there is no doubt that we put a lot of ourselves into the brand.

this design and finish could have a place in the homes of sea lovers


What makes you unique?

These are handmade pieces with love.

They are perfectly imperfect, an undeniable trait that makes each piece beautiful and unique.

As we like to put when defining our brand.

How do you define mareas in a few words?

Mareas is much more than handcrafted objects for all those who love the sea. Inspired by coastal life, nature and friendship

How is the Atlantic culture reflected in your work?

They are objects whose nature is linked to that of the Atlantic Ocean, since this is an important part of our inspiration.

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