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Today we want to “trip” to the eastern coast of Canada, called Terranova and Labrador, to visit beautiful coastal towns with a true Atlantic Style.

To understand this particular environment, it’s necessary get to know first-hand these landscapes.

Did you know that the oldest cities in North America are located in this region?

The small towns are full of history and offer wonderful natural places to visit like a cliffs, waterfalls and glacial fjords, through which you can experience the feeling of Canadian Atlantic Culture.

Photo credits. Cover photo OvensPark |  Above photo: @johangifts

Architecture & Lodging

This beautiful cabin is handmade by Paula and Peter.

They worked for 3 years to offer a charming accommodation hidden in the forest.

In this cabin, you can take a shower observing the forest through a large window and you can also enjoy the wood-burning hydromassage bathtub outside and relax to the babbling of the river.

Shobac Cottages | This Wooden farmhouse built on the ruins of a town it’s a magical place on the South Coast of Nova Scotia.

Interesting people like painters, famous architects, or the founder of Cirque du Soleil usually come, who need peace and quiet to think about building new projects.


If you are coming by Ferry to Nova Scotia, Digby is the first place where you have to stop to walk through the traditional fishing port with authentic Atlantic Style.

Digby is famous as Canada’s Natural Marine Aquarium, home to countless species of seabirds and fish, including lobsters, herring, scallops and sea turtles.

It is a beautiful fishing and summer town, therefore the best moment to visit it, is during the first week of August to enjoy the Annual Digby Scallops Days Festival if you love the scallops and clams.

This event connect the residents of the place and attracts tourists.

There are many activities such as scallop peeling competition, parades and others events that welcome tourism in this town of Atlantic Canada.


If you visit Canada and you want to immerse yourself in its nature, you can start with this natural park located in Nova Scotia.

It is called Ovens Park, named after the famous sea caves or ovens, which you find when walking along the cliffs of the Atlantic coast.

There are several trails with different levels and you can carry out a lot of activities by sea and land to enjoy the Canadian fauna and landscape.

If you walk along the paths of the Atlantic coast, you can go to the picnic and enjoy the strong swell of the Atlantic Ocean.

Hiking along the paths you can access the sea caves.

Photo credit @debruir @badlymadebooks @diempottery

Little Lorraine

Little Lorraine is another Canada’s Atlantic Style towns with a sad and spectacular ancient history.

It is known for its rough seas and heavy fog.

The British sailing ship Astraea ran aground at night May 8, 1834 on a voyage from Limerick, Ireland to Quebec it quickly broke up, killing 251 people.

There were only three survivors.

There lies a plaque on the ocean floor in memory of the people who died aboard the ship.

Actually is a small fishing village with spectacular views and routes to explore the Atlantic Coast.

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