Mu Moradas do Ulla

Why We Love It | Design, sustainability and fusion with nature is what we highlight about this accommodation.

On the banks of the Ulla River and surrounded by authentic Atlantic forest are these 3 cabins where you would like to spend a few days disconnecting from everything.

They are 3 small cabins, simple and with a lot of Atlantic Style where raw materials such as wood, are integrated with the environment.

The space welcomes couples or couples with kids.

Fran Devesa is the person behind this accommodation since 2006. He desires a simple, modern space, connected with nature and always thinking about the well-being of the people who enjoy it.

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All pictures are from Moradas no Ulla

Where did the idea for this accommodation come from?

It is the result of the search for a way of life that will combine what we like the most, nature, design, rural …

Mu Moradas do Ulla is the most coherent and respectful possible with the environment and whoever visits us.

Our main philosophy is respect for people and everything around us.


Who are you? What part of you has the accommodation?

I am Fran Devesa. I was practically in all the phases of the project, from the design to the materialization and construction of the houses.

I am also the one who manages the accommodation, almost everything, except the cleaning.

What is the identity of the brand?

The unique architecture and simplicity of the design, a Nordic-inspired interior design, the warmth of ecological pine wood as the main material and the selection of a consistent and integrated naturalistic landscaping.

Much of the furniture, like the house itself, is portable, and was designed and built by us.

Why do you think your accommodation shares the Atlantic Culture?

Because I think we know where we are, and we are proud. I think that we cannot offer another culture, landscape, climate, gastronomy … because we have to offer the best and with a lot of respect for what we have.

What additional services do you offer?

Natural and artisan breakfast served in the cabin.

We also have a menu from a nearby restaurant that can serve lunch and dinner in the cabin.


Located in a rural landscape of the Compostela region, between forests and meadows, very close to the Xirimbao suspension bridge over the beautiful Ulla river.

Close to Santiago de Compostela and also to the virgin and lonely beaches of Arousa Norte and the Atlantic.


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