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Why We Love It | Experience the comforts of home (with a few touches of design, of course) when staying at Lar Atlántica—a family operated boutique accommodation situated in Vigo city.

With only 7 rooms, a little terrace and living area is the perfect choose for a couple of days.

The space welcomes single travelers, couples or  little groups.

Founded by Elena Coello in 2006, we especially love Lar Atlántica Hostel’s focus on supporting local businesses, as well as their involvement with social causes about the Atlantic Culture.

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Neboa Atlantic Culture
Neboa Atlantic Culture

Where did the idea for this accommodation come from?

The origin of the idea was born when I was still living in Barcelona.

Seeing the Atlantic from afar and with another perspective made me think that I wanted to somehow enhance our Culture and our Atlantic Style, give it shape and create something that would allow us to recognize, remember and admire it.

We decided to move back to Galicia to undertake and start a project that I had been dreaming of for a long time.

I had been working in the hotel sector for years, as a consultant and seeing the business of large hotels from the inside.

I traveled a lot and was lucky enough to observe many accommodations.

I wanted to create an accommodation with a cosmopolitan character but without giving up the essence of the Atlantic culture and much closer to the people who came.

Elena Coello Neboa Atlantic Culture

I believe the simplicity that nature brings is enough to fill any room.


What is the identity of the brand?

Our identity is the reflection of the essence of the Atlantic culture: feeling belonging to the Atlantic community, its culture, landscape, people, design, etc.

Our goal is to enhance the beauty of the Atlantic style, respect the planet and work with brands that care for the environment, our ocean, our forests and our surroundings.

In Lar Atlántica the details are very important, what are these?

Each of the elements that are part of the space are inspired by the Atlantic culture.

From the palette of colors that represent the fog, the wet sand at low tide and the blue of the ocean, to other details such as hangers that are wooden cleats, benches painted in the ultramarine blue characteristic of fishing boats, wooden floors of chestnut tree and ferns very characteristic of our forests.

The typography is stencil like that of ships seen in ports.

The branding that surrounds the brand has been designed to help convey that Atlantic feeling that we seek.

Neboa Atlantic Culture

How is Lar Atlántica inside?

Lar Atlántica has 7 rooms and a small common area and a nice common terrace.

At Lar Atlántica, there are two types of rooms, double or single and all with authentic Atlantic details.

Confortable beds, original amenities, Atlantic welcome pack included if you book by web.

It has everything you need to enjoy your stay in the city.

Neboa Atlantic Culture
Neboa Atlantic Culture
Neboa Atlantic Culture
Neboa Atlantic Culture


Lar Atlántica is in the most central street in Vigo: Urzáiz 83. Walking Casco Vello (old part of the city), there is only a 10-minutes.

Public transports is very close to Lar Atlántica. We have a bus stop just 150 meters away that will take you almost anywhere in Vigo.

But Vigo is not only the Old town. When you leave Lar Atlántica and instead of going down without stopping, turn right or left and enter a few streets further up you will discover our neighborhood: Barrio Casablanca.

It is a very cultural and musical neighborhood that is worth discovering.


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