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La Dorsal is an annual publication on sailing in Spanish.

Photography transports you to the ocean, you can almost touch with your fingers the feeling of being on the sea, on a sailboat.

There are also illustrations that show the more marine details drawn with delicate ink lines.

It’s full of details that inspire our #SharingAtlanticCulture mantra.

An editorial project created by SAIL IN.

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All pictures are from La Dorsal

Neboa Atlantic Culture
Neboa Atlantic Culture

La Dorsal is salt, ocean and culture

As they say, “We feed the fragile paper with the gentle rawness that comes with sailing. LADORSAL is a reflection of the deep sea, of an anchorage, of coastline”


Jack London and his sailing tale from the beginning of the last century.

Elegant sailboats represented by the Beken family, images of British and American yachting history from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Delicately cared for poetry and texts leaving nothing to chance and hooking you on every word.


Joseph Conrad and his text from 100 years ago takes us back to the maritime England where he lived.

Beautiful illustrations by the French painter Marc P.G. Berthier.

Spectacular nautical photography by the Swiss photographer Jürg Kaufmann.

And much more, if you enter its exquisite pages.


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