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Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean is Ireland.

Its green landscapes, its wild sea, the people who inhabit it, its customs, buildings and its Celtic origin among many other things make it part of the Atlantic Culture.

But, there’s more.

The essence of each design, the materials used, the gastronomy and every detail that you find when you explore this country shapes the Atlantic style that in Neboa concept we want to share.

Photo credits. Cover photo Vincent Guth  |  Above photo: Dmitrij Paskevic

Gaelic sláinte

Green landscapes and dramatic cliffs, unspoiled beaches, rocky landscapes, green pastures and crystal clear lakes will make you feel “Gaelic sláinte”.

Its cities in general, except Dublin, are small and full of charm. Atlantic Culture is breathed in every corner and with every detail.

Photo1 Little cottage in Doolin, Country Clare | Photo credit @seanorphoto  |  Photo2 Connemara National Park, Country Galway | Photo credit @keith_walsh_agram  |  Photo3 Cliffs of Moher | Photo credit @toms_tour  |  Photo4 Aran Islands | Photo credit @aranphotography_

Irish and Atlantic Food

The Galway International Oyster & Seafood Festival. Friday 24th – 26th Sept 2021. You can taste authentic Atlantic cuisine, all washed down champagne and listen to the best Irish music.

Galway international Oyster and Seafood Festival  | Photo credit @galwayoysterfest

Atlantic Style

Authentic Irish style and of course Atlantic.

The humidity of the Atlantic climate is not a problem whether you are a fisherman or just want to hike along of the dramatic cliffs with these Knitwears.

Knitwear with Atlantic Style | Photo credit @inis_meain @trionadesign @irelandseyeknitwear

Atlantic Design

Just simple, raw materials and Irish Style.

The Atlantic identity is clearly seen in the designs of these artisans..

Some designs with Atlantic Style | Photo credit @debruir @badlymadebooks @diempottery

Sharing Atlantic Culture

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