David Chipperfield, no trends and sustainability as relevance in his architecture

The British architect David Chipperfield arrived in Corrubedo (Galicia) in the 1990s looking for a different family vacation spot and now he also already considers it “his place in the world”.

His spirit is the authentic Atlantic Style. Simplicity, timelessness or local materials are the key pieces in his creations.

He likes to make it beautiful but also fair and sustainable.


Photography: Salva López

Fonts: vanitatis

His house in Corrubedo

His house in Corrubedo perfectly integrated it into the town’s urban landscape and also opened to the ocean.

His style is clearly Atlantic: designed and integrated the ocean concept and the use of natural materials, the simplicity in each detail and the durability of this space, made to last.

Corrubedo house

Its style is minimalist but cozy.

It blends perfectly with its design among the rest of the homes, giving it a modern touch.

Direct exit to a small beach where the Atlantic Ocean is at your feet.

Look for a timeless design, time passes but it is still current.

He spends his holidays here, in Corrubedo.

Porto Bar

As well as he remodeled an authentically local bar in the town, which is now one of the busiest by residents. Porto bar.

After two decades empty, thanks to David Chipperfield, Bar Porto was revived.

The colors of the wood are reminiscent of the ships that are in the port.
Its wooden furniture makes the tavern authentic and you want to sit and chat with the sailors who return from fishing every day while you drink some wine.

Ria Fundation

He wanted to preserve the local area along the Coast of the Ria de Arousa and so he founded The Fundación RIA:

“The Fundación RIA is a private, non-profit, cultural entity founded by David Chipperfield in 2017. Its main objective is the analysis, debate, development and promotion of ideas to support the development and protection of the local economy, as well as the architectural, urban, natural and cultural values of the Atlantic estuaries of Galicia in north-west Spain.”

Santiago de Compostela
Rúa Oblatas 77
+34 722 413 316


“Galicia, land of opportunity” by David Chipperfield

“Current concerns about global warming give us the opportunity to rethink our attitude towards the environment, not only in terms of sustainability, but also in terms of community and quality of life. David Chipperfield reflects on this in the opinion article published in La Voz de Galicia. ” Fundación RIA

Pritzker Architecture Prize

David Chipperfield has been chosen as the 2023 winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, an award considered internationally as the highest distinction in architecture.

Pritzker prize

“I take this award as an encouragement to continue to direct my attention not only to the substance of architecture and its meaning but also to the contribution that we can make as architects to address the existential challenges of climate change and societal inequality.”

David Chipperfield

Chicago, IL (March 7, 2023) – Civic architect, urban planner and activist, Sir David Alan Chipperfield CH has been selected as the 2023 Laureate of The Pritzker Architecture Prize, the award that is regarded internationally as architecture’s highest honor.

Subtle yet powerful, subdued yet elegant, he is a prolific architect who is radical in his restraint, demonstrating his reverence for history and culture while honoring the preexisting built and natural environments, as he reimagines functionality and accessibility of new buildings, renovations and restorations through timeless modern design that confronts climate urgencies, transforms social relationships and reinvigorates cities.

Font and photography: https://www.pritzkerprize.com/

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